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Our sewing factories are located in the Mid West and have state of the art manufacturing equipment, product development services, prototyping, and a finished goods warehouse. We serve the military, industrial, medical device, safety and aerospace OEM markets. How may we serve you?

  • Rugged cases made from formed fabric laminations.

  • Hardware options including handles, latches, hinges,  and straps.

  • In-house design services and prototyping.

Our manufacturer will manage your inventory for you -at no additional cost.

Custom designed cases, holsters, covers and other engineered sewn products  are produced in one of our US-based factories or can be imported. We will manage your industrial sewing needs from start to finish.

From concept to quality certified process-controlled production, we are with you all the way!

Custom Thermoforming of Fabrics

& Foam

Custom industrial sewing

& Radio Frequency Sealing


Industrial sewing and RF Sealed products produced to your exact specifications- we'll even design it for you!

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