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We offer the services of several world class manufacturers for products used by the military, automotive, telecom, medical device, firearms, and many other industrial OEM markets.

•  Pressure and vacuum forming

•  Reaction injection molding

•  Custom industrial sewing and radio-

   frequency sealing

•  Plastic injection molding, including

   clean room and 2-shot molding.

•  Rubber molding

•  Thermoset molding

Let our technical sales staff assist your engineering team with the right manufacturing solution.

From small parts to large parts, we work with manufacturers that will meet your requirements. We can assist with part design, tooling strategies, material selection and prototyping through full scale production.


Call our professional sales staff to schedule a consulation at any time.

We will work with you from product conception through full production of your project.

Plastics, Fabrics, and Rubber processing

Plastics and Rubber Molding

If your project calls for materials other than plastics, we represent component  manufacturers for  metals, screw machined and cold headed parts, castings and furnace replacement products for the heat treating, steel mill and the petro-chem industries .  

You can also source metals with us...

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