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Liebel & Merle Sales represents world class screw-machining companies that offer various production processes to fit the unique needs of our OEM customers..

•  CNC Swiss screw machined parts

•  Davenport type screw machined parts

•  New Britain and Acme screw

   machine parts

•  Precision cold-formed and

   hot-forged parts

•  Aerospace fasteners

From simple fasteners to complex aerospace components, we have the resources to get the job done.

We will work closely with your engineering staff tol develop parts that are designed to fit the right manufacturing process.  We can also suggest cost-saving process conversion options for parts already designed and in production.

Our manufacturers process screw machined components in all types of metals including exotic alloys.

What we offer you :

Our manufactures are all quality system certified, and many offer inventory management programs.

If your production  needs include  plastics, rubber, screw machined and cold headed parts, metals, castings, or other mechanical components, contact us at any time to let us serve you.

We offer you a wide range of products

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